As you know, each of our fire pits are hand-cut into 100% US Steel. We have been fighting the changes in steel costs, shipping, and supplies. It came down to a choice of sacrificing our quality or raising our prices. We pride ourselves on producing the best quality in the world, so we decided the best option is raising our prices. This is beneficial to our clients worldwide because it means you will still have top-quality, hand-cut spheres, with our lifetime warranty. 

       Don't worry, you do have time to purchase before this happens. We will be making the change in August, just a few weeks away. We wanted to let our loyal fans know first.


Why Is This Happening?

   The price of steel in the United States has skyrocketed by almost three times what it was before. As a result, it’s becoming more expensive for us to source the steel for our fire pits, so we have to charge a bit more to make them. 

    Steel mills were preparing to meet peak demand, but due to unforeseen circumstances, sourcing aluminum and similar raw materials had to be changed. Despite the boom in steel production by U.S. Steel mills, there have been issues with shipping the materials and prioritizing the completed sheets.

What Comes Next?

    It might be concerning for some of our customers to hear that our pricing will increase next month. With the time and effort we dedicate to each steel bowl for our variety of fire pits, we take great responsibility in making sure the sheets we source meet our high standards and the expectations of our amazing customers. 

      We do not make these changes lightly. It is extremely important to us that we continue to offer and provide incredible fire pits and unique experiences at the same level of quality we always have.

     As always, giving our customers the best products and a unique experience when working with us is important. Building your fire pit order will be our highest priority, so breathe easy knowing that we care about your satisfaction.


    Don’t wait and miss out on getting a fire pit for our current pricing. Click the link here and order yours today!


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